Our Services Include

Management Services
Asset & Property Management

Project Leasing and Marketing

We perform comprehensive market research and analysis for each property to determine its competitive advantage in its market area. We also develop detailed leasing plans, including both short and long term goals, and market to that plan in order to maximize the property’s competitive advantage and enhance the asset’s value.

The mix of merchants in each shopping center is carefully considered as the leasing plans are developed.

Leasing Management

Our team includes asset managers and analysts who determine the viability and strength of each tenant and its impact upon other tenants already within the property. We believe that a carefully assembled merchant mix adds to the overall and long term success of every property. A senior company executive manages the leasing process for each project, ensuring efficient preparation and negotiation of all lease documents.

Asset Management

The Client and our asset management staff establish goals for each property throughout the asset’s lifecycle, developing realistic and achievable objectives and strategies. An asset manager is assigned to each property, monitoring its performance to meet or exceed the short and long term objectives and acting as the single point of contact for each client. Our strong analytical skills, real estate knowledge and experience result in quality recommendations and informed decisions.

Property Management

We have built a strong reputation for its proactive approach to property management focusing on expense control and tenant retention. Each property’s manager is responsible for all on-site issues including tenant relations, physical inspections, annual expense budgeting, advertising, bidding and negotiating contracts, vendor oversight and invoice approval.

The property management team is lead by experienced Senior Shopping Center Managers and Marketing Directors who oversee the management staff to ensure that each property’s annual operating goals are met or surpassed.

Construction Management

Our experience includes the management of major renovations and redevelopment for a variety of property types. We coordinate and oversee tenant finishes, whether contracted for by the company on the client’s behalf or by the tenant. Our goal is to always provide a quality product within budget parameters.

If needed the professional services of architects, engineers and planners expand the company’s construction management team.

Facilities Management

Our role for some projects may be limited to managing the physical asset only. In that case we provide bidding and contracting of services, oversight of vendors, invoice review and accounts payable, routine inspection of the property and needs assessment. With our reputation for demanding the highest level of quality from our vendors, we have built a strong provider network whose competitive pricing and goals are meshed with our own and each property’s.

Financial Management

We organizes the accounting functions by client which allows our staff accountants to focus on the financial reporting requirements specific to each client. CPA’s with many years of commercial real estate experience supervise the centralized accounting department in which we use a variety of software programs, providing institutional-grade monthly reports that are tailored to each client’s needs.

Our understanding of each asset as well as the owner’s requirements and our flexibility to provide the appropriate reporting helps us stand above the rest.

Due Diligence

Our analytical skills, knowledge and experience, including areas of valuation and return analysis, are available to our clients for both acquisitions and sales. These services can be tailored to the client’s requirements, and include, but are not limited to:

• Site and physical inspections, review and recommendations
• Occupancy costs analyses
• ARGUS and DYNA DCF modeling and review
• Co-tenancy risk analyses
• Expense and expense-recovery analyses
• Facility operations costs and vendor contract review
• Lease abstracting
• SNDA and Estoppel management
• Accounting service
• Post closing collections