Capital One

United Commercial Realty began consulting with Capital One (then, Hibernia National Bank) in 2002 by researching possible market areas for potential land acquisitions for an initial market entry into Dallas/Fort Worth.

With a multi-unit banking network in mind, Capital One, with UCR’s assistance, began implementing a market strategy which consisted of the evaluation of existing competitive banking, while determining the blend of population growth and business banking attributes.

After a year of analyzing hundreds of sites and expansion scenarios, negotiating contracts and meeting with various City officials, the first Capital One (formerly Hibernia) branch opened in Allen, Texas in December 2003. Today, with the help of UCR and ChainLinks, Capital One has opened over 120 stores in Texas.

“UCR’s strength is in its relationships and follow through. Everyone on our UCR team focuses on and supports Capital Ones expansion program.feeling of partnership. Thanks for your commitment.”