In 2003, Sprouts Farmers Market contracted with UCR to assist them with a multi-unit rollout in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This was to be their first entry into the Texas market and Sprouts was very sensitive to specialty grocery competitors who were also looking into the market. Consequently, confidentiality was essential in order to acquire multiple locations in first tier suburban markets.

Due to the company’s market intelligence, UCR was able to advise Sprouts principals of real estate opportunities on existing big box space coming available as well as proposed new developments that were not general knowledge to the industry.

Sprouts has subsequently established its position as Texas’ predominate specialty grocery chain by securing defensible real estate in all first tier markets. UCR is now working to assist Sprouts in the completion of their rollout in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin markets. Due to Sprouts exceptional real estate locations and regional operations, Dallas/Fort Worth has proved to be the #1 region for Sprouts in the chain which now has in excess of 100 stores nationally.

“Our Texas stores are currently outperforming the remainder of the company…your research, mapping, aerials and your knowledge of the players have been an invaluable asset.”